Australia everyday life expenses


Australia everyday life expenses

Valentina, Immigrant from Italy to Australia

Australia is a beautiful country with a high rate expenses, and you probably heard that already. However, you had probably heard that the salary is good, above the average of many European countries at least.

Moreover, because the principle of this blog is to provide you all the information you guys need before and after moving to Australia, it sounds interesting to advise you about all the expenses you will incur on when here. I’d like to give you a rough idea of which could be an average life cost, based on Sydney rates. And Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia.

Mobile Phone Plans

There is a wide selection of Australian phone companies to choose from. If you are just planning to visit Australia, the best choice is for sure a prepaid card easy to obtain; you can buy it online or in any phone company shop just showing your valid identity document (passport is always the best).

In case you are coming in the country with a Working Holiday Visa, a Student Visa or any long term Visa, the most convenient option is to get a Mobile Plan. Moreover, the major companies are offering good quality mobile plans at convenient prices and most of the time with unlimited call and text and lots of Internet data available. You can either open your plan online or inside the shop, for my experience online is much more convenient and fast.

I remember the first time I have tried to open a plan with Vodafone they kept me for an hour, asking for every kind of pieces of information: personal data, work payslips, Australian references, my history, etc. … Come on, I just want to be able to use my phone a find a job. When I’ve my Lebara plan, I’ve chosen then to open my new plan online and waiting 24 hours to receive my new SIM at my place.

Most popular Mobile Plans in Australia




6 GB Data
Unlimited Standard SMS/MMS Unlimited National Calls             300-1000 mins Internat. Calls




8 GB Data
Unlimited Standard SMS/MMS Unlimited National Calls         There is not content




5 GB Data
Unlimited Standard SMS/MMS Unlimited National Calls             Up to 250 mins Internat. Calls




7 GB Data
Unlimited Standard SMS/MMS Unlimited National Calls           Unlimited Internat. Calls *




5 GB Data
Unlimited Standard SMS/MMS AUD 1.000 National Calls             Not included Internat. Calls




8 GB Data
Unlimited Standard SMS/MMS Unlimited National Calls             Up to 300 mins Internat. Calls

Home Internet Data

Even in this case, there is a wide choice of company and prices. You can make a choice if you prefer a wireless modem (convenient price, faster and unlimited band but most of the time you will be charged to open or close the contract) or a USB key (flexible and pocket size, but most of the time with limited Data, and note, every extra will cost you tonnes of dollar). To not increase your expenses that much, even in this case do your research but also consider line coverage. Australia is pretty big, you will find be without cover somewhere for sure, just try to be sure that it will not be on your terrace.

Most popular Home Internet Plans in Australia




      Home phone line
                    Unlimited Data – NBN                * 12 months deal




Home phone line
                  Unlimited Data – NBN                   * AUD 99.95 set up fees




       Home phone line
                    Unlimited Data – NBN                * 24 months deal


Sydney’s public transport system is huge and efficient. Though trains, buses, light trains and ferries you do not have limits, you just have to go. Moreover, with one card only, the Opal Card, you will be able to move around within the city and surrounding, from the Blue Mountains to Newcastle to the Hunter Valley. Click here for the Sydney trains Network Map.

Train station services run from 4 am to around midnight, and after that night bus replaces most of the train lines. Ferry services are making easier, instead, moving across the Harbour, from Manly to Circular Quay to Parramatta. The light trains operate every 15 mins within the city, at the moment not many stops are available, but it is nice to see Darling Harbour from there.

Stratfield Station.

All fares price are based on:

  • The type of Opal card used

Adult, if you are 16 yo or older and you’ll pay a full rate;

Child/Young, if you are between 4 and 15 yo or a full-time NSW student 16 yo or more, you’ll pay half prize of Adult fares;

Senior/Pensioner, NSW or interstate seniors, pensioner or asylum seekers, you’ll always pay AUD 2.50, no matter the journey;

Concession, eligible tertiary student (TAFE), apprentice or trainee, qualified job seeker or approved Centrelink customer, you’ll never pay more than AUD 7.50 daily.

  • The distance travelled

Calculate from the point where the client tap on to where they tap off. Also the time hours you’re travelling in it will make your price different. If you’re travelling off-peak, before 7 am or after 9 am & before 4 pm or after 6:30 pm, you’ll be saving the 30%.

  • The type of transport used

To make an example I’d like to use the journey from Circular Quay to Parramatta that is possible in 3 different ways MAP

By Train: it will take around 40 mins for AUD 3.37

By Bus: it will take around 1 hour for AUD 4.50

By Ferry: it will take around 1 & 1/2 hour for AUD 7.20 (but it’s very panoramic)

To stimulate the usage of public transport, the NSW Government agreed to reward the customers with some advantages. Once you complete eight paid journeys between Monday and Sunday with the same Opal card, your fares for the rest of the week are calculated half-price. (That does not include the Sydney Airport access fee that it’s ridiculous expensive AUD 18, one way.)

No matter how often you’re travelling, you’ll never pay more than AUD 15 daily* or AUD 60 weekly*. And if you’re mixing the typologies of transport (you start the journey with the train but also catching a bus within 60 mins, you’ll receive AUD 2* of discount for each transfer.) * Based on an Adult Opal Card usage

Central Station to Bondi Beach is a combination of train and bus, will take you up to 30 mins for AUD 3.48 on-peak or AUD 2.46 off-peak.

Sunday and Public Holiday transport will cost you only AUD 2.50.

If you’re in the mood for a laugh, click here to check the most common post placed on the trains to promote good behaviour. 

Cafe' and Restaurant in Sydney - expenses

It’s lunch time!

via The Ground of Alexandria

Cafe’ & Restaurant

Together with the rent of properties, cafe and restaurants are one of the best investment in Australia. It’s possible to find cafe’ or Indian, Chinese, Takeaway, Vegetarian restaurants every 3 meters. And because we are here talking about expenses and keep them down, let me say immediately that nothing in Australia is on a real good price.

Pizza $ 25

Hamburger $ 10

Fried chips $ 7

Fish & Chips $ 12

Sushi Roll $ 2.50 each

Combo Breakfast (Coffee + Banana bread) $ 5

Combo Brunch (Coffee + benedict eggs or salmon and avocado toast) $ 25

Ice Cream (2 spoons) $ 5

Smoothies $ 7

Regular Coffee $ 3.50

Beer $ 8

Cocktails $ 17

Soft Drinks $ 7

Wine Glass / Bottle $ 8 / $ 25

Combo weekday lunch $ 10

Combo fast food meal $ 12

Fine Dining Restaurant x  2 (3 Courses – Not included wine) $ 190

Spanish Restaurant x 2 (2 Tapas + Paella + Sangria Jug) $ 103

Keep your expenses down with Grocery Shopping

Making grocery shopping is more convenient than eating out, everyone knows that. Are you curious to know how much could be the budget required for a regular weekly shopping?

Three big grocery shopping supermarkets are covering all Australia:

Coles is my favourite supermarket. Even if you are on a budget, you’ll be able to make your choice between a countless selection of products. They are selling from Brand products such as Barilla, Nestle’ or Campbell’s, International Food (Asian; European; Indian; Mexican; Vietnamese; etc.) and Coles private home brand products. The quality is good, and it also presents a huge fresh products area, for cheese, meat, fish and fresh products. They are offering every day Special Sales and online shopping with delivery.

Woolworth“Fresh Food People” is their slogan, in fact, they have a huge fridge of fresh fruits and meat, the prices are just a bit higher than Coles. But, as the previous one, they offer a countless selection of products, from International brand to home brand products and online shopping with delivery.

Aldi is a leading global discount supermarket from Germany. The quality of the goods is ok/good, but the prices are affordable. It’s the best choice for a convenient shop. I do not personally buy meat and fish in there, but processed food as pasta or bread, or drinks or any well-packed products or kitchen supplies, I do.


Let’s estimate some grocery’s expenses based on the average purchase on the three most prevalent Supermarket.

ProductColes SupermarketWoolworths SupermarketAldi
2L Milk2.002.991.99
1 Kg Greek Yogurt5.005.003.60
12 Free Range Eggs4.604.903.40
1 Kg Cheddar Tasty Cheese7.506.00 on sale5.80
1 Kg Tomatoes5.006.004.90
1 Kg Carrots1.201.301.49
Avocado (each)2.002.902.50
500 Gr Pasta Home Brand1.000.651.00
1 Kg Rise2.953.202.10
1 bag Potatoes Chips3.603.252.70
1L Olive oil Extra Vergin7.00 on sale8.508.00
100 bags Black Tea3.503.502.60
White Toast Bread0.850.850.85
6 pack Toilet Paper2.70 - 4.002.90 - 4.502.50
Triple Action Toothpaste3.002.992.65
1L Palmolive Shower Gel8.498.505.90
250 ml Garnier Fructis Shampoo2.722.72 on sale1.79
1 Kg Laundry Powder4.504.493.50
30M Aluminium Foil Wrap2.802.792.80
Dishwashing Liquid1.60 - 3.501.99 - 51.00


At this point, I think you would be happy to know how much it could be for entertainments or extras.

1 ticket to the movie $ 20 – $ 40

1 ticket to the concert $ 150 – $ 350

1 pack of Marlboro cigarettes $ 25

Woman haircut (Not included hair wash or dry blow) $ 30

Man haircut $ 10

Woman eyebrows waxing $ 17 – $ 39

1-week gym membership $ 15 – $ 50

Generical GP consultation $ 65 (per 15 mins)

Denim Jeans (National Brand) $ 60

Swimwear (for top & bottom) over $ 40

Rent car for 1 day $ 70 – $ 90 (Limited free Km)

Petrol/Gasoline 114.9 cents/litre

Flight Sydney – Melbourne (Weekdays with return) $ 160

Skydiving Tandem $ 249

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